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For me life is like MMORPG game.
If you hunt on easy monster below your level, you got small monster, small money, slow level up.
But if you push yourself to hunt 3-4 level above, you’ll get damn big n hard monster, big cash, quick level up.
Or, some people were born with an ultimate item. It feels like this.

Unfortunately i'm not kind of that lucky person. I build my level from zero to hero, on higer dungeon. It wont be easy thoo.
You’ll need ton of elixir and potion. That area will suck up your HP and MP a lot. You’ll drain, dying, and if you lucky, you’ll get bonus near to death experience.
You’ll also get better items, accessories, amulet, rare items, ++ Armor and Posh Weapon.
Struggles develop strength young padawan no matter you are ; warrior, wizard, assassin, monk, or healer class.
Agree with me?




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