15 Apr 2019 11:27 WIB

Kintamani dog gets international recognition

DENPASAR, kanalbali.com - Kintamani dog finally get international recognition from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The recognition has made Kintamani dog as the first Indonesian dog breed to be recognized internationally.
FCI, an international organization for dog breed protection and development, has submitted its recognition letter to Indonesia Kennel Klub on Feb 20. In the letter signed by FCI’s Executive Director Yves De Clercq, the international federation of national kennel clubs declared that Kintamani dog is a dog breed native to Indonesia.
Indonesia Kennel Klub (IKK) Chairman Benny Kwok Wie Sioe said that the recognition will lift up Kintamani dog into the national and international level. “So, Kintamani dog now can join many international competition and dog show,” Benny said.
Benny said it was a long and hard process to get FCI recognition. “We have attempted to get this recognition for last 20 years,” he said.
Following the FCI recognition, FCI will closely monitor KIntamani dog for the next 10 years to increase its quality.
Bali Governor I Wayan Koster expressed his proud over the recognition, saying that it should motivate Bali people to preserve local animals and plant. “Our nature is amazing. We have many high quality animal native to Bali as Bali starling and Bali cow. These animals should be preserved to maintain Bali’s ecosystem unique,” Koster said.(kanalbali/LSU)
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