24 Februari 2019 16:14

Video : Foreign climbers flee in panic from Bali’s rumbling volcano

KARANGASEM, kanalbali.com -Can you imagine what will happen if you climb a rumbling volcano, and its suddenly spewing ash? This is happened to a group of foreigners who recklessness climb Mount Agung, Bali’s rumbling volcano. They had ignored the authorities’ alert status that prohibited anybody to climb Mt. Agung since volcanic activity increased in 2017.
In a video spreaded in social media, a group of foreigners were seen flee in panic when the volcano is suddenly spewing ash. There are two foreigners were seen in the video. The video was taken by someone that is allegedly also a foreigners.
Suara Arsana, one of local village figure in the slope of Mount Agung, confirmed that the video was taken in Mount Agung. “I know exactly that area. It is the track to the peak of Mount Agung,” he said.
Suara Arsana, a spokesperson of Pasar Agung temple, said that the foreigners who recklesness climb the volcano are Russian. Two of them were identified only as Jima (38) and Arti (34). They started to climb in the midnight, so no one could see them start. It is known that they stay at hotel in Canggu.
This is not the first time a group of foreigners climb the rumbling volcano. The most recent, in January this year, A Russian man has been found injured on the slopes of Mount Agung in Bali, 10 hours after he was declared missing when climbing the volcano.
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(Foto : Pasebaya Agung)
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