13 Mar 2019 19:50 WIB

What happen when a morgue overload? This is happened in Bali

Tents are built to solve the overload problem at Mangusada Hospital's morgue in Bali. (Kanalbali/ZUL)
BADUNG, kanalbali.com - Can you imagine what happen if a morgue overload? This is happened at the Mangusada Public Hospital in Kapal village, Badung Regency. The morgue at the hospital is no longer enough to accomodate the increasing number of corpse. It forced the hospital management to build several tents for the corpses.
As of March 13, there are a total of 114 corpses have been stored in the morgue. The morgue was only designed for tens of corpse.
It is common for Balinese family to let the corpse at the hospital until the day of cremation ceremony. However, the number of corpse at the morgue become extremely increase as people are prohibited from conducting Ngaben cremation ceremony during Panca Wali Krama in Besakih temple.
Panca Wali Krama is a special ceremony being held at the biggest temple in Bali, Besakih temple. Panca Wali Krama’s ceremony is held from Jan. 20 until April 4. It is a special ceremony held once every ten years based on the Balinese calendar.
A staff at Mangusada hospital morgue, Ketut Sutaya, admitted that the overload was happened because of the ban to conduct Ngaben during Panca Wali Krama. “Its not a problem to treat the corpse as we can use formaline to preserve. However, its become a problem since we need more space to store the corpse,” Sutaya said.
Still can’t imagine how the situation in the overload morgue? Watch the video!
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