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How I Style Obi from Okainku for 3 Different Occasions

Obi is a piece of clothing that wraps around the waist, just similar to a corset, but worn on top of clothes. It's a statement accessory that completes and can even transform looks. With the help of this piece, you can re-wear the same outfit you own, only styled differently to not make it obvious for others. Another thing I like from Obi is that it really shapes our waist.

I was sent this Red and Black Obi from Okainku and how excited I was to style it. Infusing Indonesia's traditional fabric to the piece, Okainku succeeds to modernize our local heritage without losing its essence. In this article, I'll share how I styled the Obi in different styles for different occasions.

1. Office-Appropriate

Professional, office-appropriate look shouldn't be boring. It's so necessary to always present the best of yourself when going to work because you're always leaving impressions to others. But sometimes, don't you just experience a wardrobe crisis? Panicking like you're running out of clothes even when you have tons of clothes inside your closet? In that case, shopping for new clothes might not be needed. Maybe what's actually happening is you, running out of ideas to style your outfits.

My first look is so office-appropriate and will make anyone who wears it more confident and powerful. I simply wore a black top with pinched waist and a black culottes. To avoid being so flat and dull in black, adding red colors to the look really made a huge difference. It makes you stand out in the eyes of the public.

Office Look
Red Heels + All black clothes + Obi

I wore red heels too to match the color of the Obi. Apart from this look being professional, you can see how it's also post-work party ready. So you can immediately have a little fun and maybe drink a couple glasses of alcohol with colleagues.

2. Date Night

Who doesn't like to dress up the best for bae?? Feeling good in what we wear AND pleasing the eyes of our lovers. For you who has someone to impress, I created a special look for you to get inspired!

As simple as that, I only wore a black mini jumpsuit with long bell-sleeves. To that, I tied an Obi on top of my waist and suddenly the look escalated so drastically. With the help of the Red Obi and Red heels, the look becomes very bold, fierce and sexy. Trust me, your guy will definitely throw a compliment on your look.

Black Mini Jumpsuit + Red Heels + Obi
I'm ready for date night!

3. Weddings

Not just made for casual occasions, Obi can also be worn to formal occasions. Consider wearing it to a wedding. My wedding event look is this white dress with tied-knot detail on the front that I added Obi on top. I love how the Red and Black from the Obi stands out.

White Dress + Obi
Wedding Season, I'm in!

So next time you're wondering how to style an Obi, you can take my advises and step up your OOTD game with this Obi from Okainku.

Thank you for reading :)


Prisca Angelina

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