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26 Februari 2018 12:22 WIB
Tulisan dari Dang Thuy Duyen tidak mewakili pandangan dari redaksi kumparan
Study abroad is always a dream of young people with the desire to experience new environments, connect with the community and develop the huge knowledge. However, the opportunity to study abroad is very competitive and is dominated by many factors including economic, family and cultural ...
Understanding the expectations of students, Indonesia's President University has implemented a scholarship program worth up to 100% of tuition fees to support and facilitate students in the Southeast Asian region. ASIAN. Students can enroll in these scholarships, improving their chances of development. Through this opportunity, students in the Southeast Asian, especially Vietnamese students can take a chance study in abroad environment, receive new cultures, also can take the main benefits of studying abroad including experience in a global hub, and developing language skills via immersion in an international experience, as well as key factors to consider when choosing a location for your studies.
President University is a 100% English-speaking higher education institution in Indonesia, which was established to become a research and development center in the region and to set a new benchmark in Indonesian higher education. Specifically, the university was formed to create an institution of learning, which would prepare the future leaders of industry and society by giving them the skills and experiences necessary to excel upon graduation.
President University Vietnamese Student Community
1. Experience a new culture
Each year, the school offers a number of scholarships and special offers to Vietnamese students. In addition to suitable subjects taught in English, foreign students are also taught Indonesian and can practice in daily life with local friends. At the end of the course, they can fluently use both languages. Besides, the student union in President University often organises the culture events a year such as Batik Day, Multi culture Day, etc.., in order to let the international student get knowledge about national culture in Indonesia, also exchange the culture among countries. Thereby contributing to bridge and promote mutual understanding between the people of Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.
2. Make friends from around the world
It’s likely that the university you choose for your international studies will have a large community of students both from the local area and all around the globe. With the international environment, President University has students not only from local but also come from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Timor Lester, etc. If you take full advantage of this opportunity, you could graduate having established lasting friendships with people based in many different countries – great for future trips, and also a good basis for an international professional network. Being part of an internationally diverse academic community can also enhance the quality of your learning, providing a wider spectrum of opinions and expertise.
3. Become truly independent
The experience of university is, for most students, a steep learning curve in gaining independence. But studying abroad takes that a whole step further, challenging students to really develop as individuals, that hard to experience in some Vietnam Universities. Working individual in multi country environment would give you the strong mindset to make decision, responsible for the tasks, multi task working and soft skills that will be helpful for your career in future. You obviously have to cope on your own when you are studying abroad. You have to be able to look after yourself and sort out your own affairs.
4. Change the way you think
Studying abroad may well change the way you view all kinds of things which you’d previously taken for granted. studying abroad provides an opportunity to expand one's field of view and helps one to understand and analyze problems and phenomena from a longer-term, worldwide perspective. Moreover, long-term experience in other cultures as the country of religions as Indonesia has a tendency to help one think objectively about oneself and one's home country, respect culture and tolerate differences and recognize and appreciate diversity.
5. Develop your language skills
For many international students, studying abroad is a chance to develop language skills, either through studying in a second language or by practicing the language spoken locally. A growing number of courses around the world are taught in English, particularly at the graduate level, and of course, proficiency in English has many applications across all kinds of careers. But indeed any additional language skills are an asset.
In President Univ, the student must speak 100% English for the academic program. Besides, by exchange culture, students also can learn the local language which is Bahasa Indonesia so that when graduate, they can speak more than 2 languages. It is the effective part for student in looking for new opportunities of careers and improve their minds.
Sharing by one of the Vietnamese students who studying in President University- Phan Kieu Anh – student from major Communication, has shared her memories and her experiences during her university life in Pres Univ.
“Living in a small developing country, I guess we all looking for the opportunity to go abroad and experiencing in other better environment. But due to family's condition, we choose the most suitable one and to me, that was President Univ.
There are thousands of lessons that I've got during my study here. I guess, after all, the lessons that stay forever in our minds are the lessons of life. I can't be detailed about it, but we all lost and got something that I believe it could never happen if we only stay in our comfortable home. To me, the clearest thing I lost and got was friends.
Phan Kieu Anh and her Vietnamese friends.
It seems like we have a very small community of Vietnamese students in PU, but its members are very diverse. We've come from all regions of Vietnam, from many different living environments and cultures, come together and share the same air, the same living and learning circumstance. We learn to deal with each other, bare with each other and love each other. And somehow I believe that we've all grown up, good. Though it will be still a long road to go in the future, I do think that we've prepared ourselves quite well compared to the old versions of us. The opportunities to study in President University is the basic steps for us to develop and perfect human capacity.”
Vietnamese Student and International friends in exchange culture program at President University.
(Dang Thuy Duyen)