7 Juni 2021 18:46
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When Pandemic is Over, (Still) the Less is Merrier

Konten ini diproduksi oleh Denia Oktaviani
When Pandemic is Over, (Still) the Less is Merrier (400907)
Dokumentasi: Pribadi.
I always imagine that probably the world is going to be better
Better to be healed, better to be lived
But I know nothing, instead I quavering by fear
Anxious and sickening by the devil
I used to having cold feet with the eye of crowds and (still) nothing is changing
But truly, I know nothing
Instead, I stare at my fingertips and play with a small spoon that came after my black coffee
Neither one beside me nor behind me
I want to throw myself into the loneliness
But still, I wanna kiss, I wanna hug and I wanna scream breathlessly
I want the world to be the way it is
The way it gives me blue and grey, the way human act as the beast of prey
It feels like forever and haunt us endlessly
But when pandemic is over, I wish nothing but serenity